Remove ads for free

A few weeks ago we started experimenting with video advertising. We all hate advertising banners in games. So much, that has become popular to ask for money in order to remove the banners. And then we joint these ideas and solved with a nice idea.

We don’t like to use banners and we don’t like to charge for removing them, as banners are just breaking the gaming experience. But, yeah, we need to maintain our products, so advertising is something we need, at least to consider. So, how to ask money for that?

Then we became with this idea: Remove ads for free. Why not to remove the banners in exchange of showing a video? This way, the user only spends a few seconds of his time, the game experience is improved after removing the banner and we earn (a ridiculous amount of, if may I say) some money to keep working.

I’m pretty sure we’ve been the firsts ones in offering this exchange in games, but won’t be the last. Ads on gaming is evolving incredibly fast and new manners will appear in next times. I know, because we have a few of them in mind 🙂