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  • Augmented reality street game

    1. Augmented reality: RDR2 Street Game

    Everywhere we look there’s some RDR2 ads and, probably like you, we can’t wait to start playing it.

    So when we found this huge billboard in front of our offices in Madrid, we couldn’t resist the temptation to make some game concept with it.

  • Augmented reality for interior design

    2. Augmented reality: interior design

    Use of markerless Augmented reality to place 3D models in real spaces. The demo shows what user sees on her mobile device.

    These can be moved, rotated and scaled by adapting their visual appearance to the ambient light of real space.

  • Animated characters in augmented reality

    3. AUGMENTED REALITY: Animated characters

    Animated 3D characters that can be placed in a real environment interacting with the user according to their distance and point of view. The demo shows what user sees on her mobile device.

    This solution is perfect for implementing virtual pets in an environment. Playing, interacting or making selfies with them are just some of the possibilities that can be developed.

  • Holograms in Augmented reality

    4. Augmented realitY: Holograms

    Augmented reality of real models recorded by volumetric capture system. This model has been recorded by the Company 4DViews.

  • Augmented reality in buildings

    5. Augmented reality: Football stadium

    Augmented reality concept using the structure of a football stadium.

  • Bussines cards in augmented reality

    6. augmented reality USE CASE: Bussines cardS

    Game in augmented reality with two business cards.

    Your augmented business card can also link with your product catalogue, additional contact information and any other details that may be of interest.

  • Conversational adventure in augmented reality

    7. augmented reality USE CASE: Conversational adventure

    Concept of adventure game in augmented reality in which the player has to interact with several images placed in a space.

    The user can perform actions typically involved in this genre (Dialogs, puzzles, inventory…). This technique is suitable for creating interactive experiences in museums, galleries or events.

  • Photo Album in Augmented reality

    8. Augmented reality USE CASE: Photo Album

    This photo album shows how you can allow users the chance to make static images come to life thanks to the power of augmented reality. The demo shows what user sees on her mobile device.

    This technique could also be applied to books, magazines, sticker albums…

  • Labyrinth in Augmented Reality

    9. Augmented Reality: Labyrinth GAME

    Game that generates a virtual maze when it recognizes an image. The movements of the ball respond to the real movement of the pattern. Images could be found in different media such as
    press, packaging or magazines. The demo shows what user sees on her mobile device or in a pair of VR glasses.

  • City immersion. Augmented to Virtual reality transition

    10. Augmented + Virtual reality: City immersion

    Transition from Augmented Reality to Virtual Reality through the 3D model of a city. The demo shows what user sees on her mobile device.

    In this concept, we show how AR and VR can interact, letting the player really get into the AR scene and walk inside a virtual world that seconds before was holding in his hands.

  • Markerless augmented reality soccer game

    11. augmented reality: Markerless  soccer game

    Minigame concept in augmented reality without the use of AR patterns. Once the user places the game field in the environment he can interact with it from any point of view. The demo shows what user sees on her mobile device.

  • Augmented reality. Rick & Morty Portal

    12. Augmented reality: Rick & Morty Portal

    Concept of augmented reality portals in which the user can explore virtual worlds within a real environment. It’s our tribute to the Rick & Morty series 😉

    The demo shows what user sees on her mobile device.

  • Multiplayer Card game in augmented reality

    13. augmented reality: Multiplayer Card game

    Concept of multiplayer card game in augmented reality. Each player can see their own cards on the mobile and everyone can see the main card by detecting/recognizing a cup holder. The demo shows what two users would see in their mobile devices.

  • Augmented reality in Location Based Games

    14. Augmented reality: Location Based Games

    Geolocation and spatial information management through the use of maps, GPS and augmented reality to create interactive experiences based on the user’s location. The demo shows what user sees on her mobile device.

  • Augmented reality in art galleries

    15. Augmented reality USE CASE: art galleries

    Use of augmented reality to show visual explanations in paintings. This technique is suitable for creating visual guides in museums or galleries. The demo shows what user sees on her mobile device.

  • Augmented reality in packaging

    16. Augmented reality USE CASE: packaging

    Example of augmented reality applied to a commercial product packaging. Detecting different shapes in the game box we can show some meta information, including pictures, interactive 3D models and videos.

  • Augmented reality in a bottle

    17. Augmented reality USE CASE: bottle / PACKAGING

    Augmented Reality game based on non-flat objects (such as cones and cylinders). This is a clear example of what could be done with soda cans or bottles of drink.

  • Augmented reality circuits

    18. Augmented reality: circuits / EDUCATIVE

    Concept of electric circuits in augmented reality.

    Works with AR patterns that the user has to combine with an order or specific position. The App will use the camera to recognize the combination and shows the result obtained with the experiment.

    These patterns can be found in different media such as:TV, Press, Magazines, websites or social networks.

  • Collect Ar trophies on media

    19. AUGMENTED REALITY: trophies on media

    Concept of trophy collection game with augmented reality. Patterns of the trophies can be found in different media such as TV, Press, websites, magazines, social networks…

  • Augmented Reality 3D Draw

    20. Augmented Reality: 3D Draw

    Concept of markerless Augmented Reality in which you can draw a path of points in 3D space and then turn into an interactive structure.

  • Hands detection with Leap Motion

    21. Hands detection with Leap Motion

    Hand detection for interactive experiences with the use of a Leap Motion Controll.

  • VRDancer


    Create dance sequences in real time with a multitude of visual effects through the use of midi sequencers.

  • Questiogram Liga

    23. Questiogram: Liga (SOCCER TRIVIAL)

    Questiogram is a concept of multiple-choice quiz in which only visual elements participate. This visual appearance increases the engagement with the customers and facilitate the internationalization of the product, since it is not necessary to translate it into different languages.

  • VR Business showcase

    24. VIRTUAL REALITY: Business showcase

    VR experience designed for a business focused on media and contents. In this experience, we show how data, video and 360 video could be combined with nice graphics and mini-games to offer a rich experience.

  • VR Runner game concept

    25. VIRTUAL REALITY: Runner game concept

    A classic runner game using VR. In this version, the player controls the character looking at the sides of the road to pick the coins. We have implemented more interaction manners to pick other stuff and activate elements looking to them without using any touch controller, so the game can be played on any device (designed with the cardboard and gearVR in mind)

  • Gold valley

    26. VIRTUAL REALITY: Gold valley GAME

    Adventure VR Game Concept.

  • Deepshot

    27. VIRTUAL REALITY: Deepshot

    Shooter Vr Game Concept.

  • Space Roller Coaster

    28. VIRTUAL REALITY: Space Roller Coaster

    Concept of space roller coaster.

  • Curved city

    29. VIRTUAL REALITY: Curved city

    Experience in virtual reality in which you navigate through a city that is curving.