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Soft launch of Flowars Defender

We’re glad to announce that Flowars Defender, a new game for Android, is now in soft launch in some countries.

This is the first game in which Imagin&Tonic collaborates as publisher, were main code and art work has been done by Ivan Candela with the music and sounds of Desi.

Ivan is a close collaborator at Imagin&Tonic. As art director, he made de amazing art work of SpaceTom, STEPS Infinite Arcade and Tuc Tuc, and we can definitely say that the art he made for Flowars is absolutely amazing, full of imagination and creativity. We’re so glad he made such a beautiful game and that we could publish it!

We’ve released the game in a freemium model without advertising. You can play the whole game without spending a cent, or buy the in app purchases so your progress is saved.

We wish you enjoy it and let your reviews in the store. Thanks!

Flowars Defender is a new game for Android that will make you prove your skills hunting bugs. Mix the proper colors to back away the plague before they end up with your flowers. Reach new levels, discover all kind of charming bugs and defeat the big boss at the end of each level.

Flowars Defender mixes the philosophy of classic games with multiple levels and increasing difficulty, with humor and an unique and incredible style that you will love.

Download Flowars Defender now for free and start combating the plague!