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Hi! If you are reading this you’ve been probably invited by someone at Imagin&Tonic. No matter how did you landed here, welcome!


SciWorriers is a science, technology and cybersecurity divulgation project for young audiences. Our aims is to promote these areas of knowledge among young people, and particularly among girls, as part of our compromise to balance gender parity in STEM. This means to make inclusive contents with gender perspective and particularly focus on women point of view, whenever that applies to the content.

Our key advantage is Live Animation, an in-house technology for creating virtual youtubers that would allow us to create videos in no time or even create streaming events to talk with fans.

What makes sciworriers different?

Using our edge technology Live Animation we can generate fresh content for social networks like YouTube, Facebook or Twitch made with animated characters in very short time. Using animated characters allow us to reach younger audiences and also give our collaborators an avatar they can use for creating content without showing their real appearance in YouTube.

We are aware of many of the issues that women publishing content in YouTube and other networks have to face everyday. In one hand, we want to take this experience and let our characters face similar situations in their videos, so the audience can get some examples about how to dealing with this kind of situations. Unfortunately this happens in a daily base in all areas of knowledge, while young girls doesn’t really get any kind of education or training, so giving them some reference is probably a good start.

SciWorriers does not only mean to talk about areas of knowledge, but also promotes and educate with examples, demonstrating how important is attitude to solve problems and handle real life situations. By talking about

How Live Animation works?

Once a virtual youtuber us designed and developed, we only need a recorded voice. This voice is loaded in the character for making it “talk” and we animate body, lighting and cameras and record the video. Some stuff that usually takes months in traditional animation, we can do it just in a matter of hours.

In this video we show a bit more about live animation


What’s the actual status?

For now it’s just an idea work in progress. Our efforts now are focused on coordinating potential collaborators. We are mainly looking for woman that work on science and technology divulgation that wants to collaborate.

Everything needs to be build, from the characters to the brand and content. Despite we are an small company, we want to make this project with a non-profit approach. Collaborators are free to decide what’s the aim of the project: get sponsors or keep it free of them, make branded content or just make it altruist.



  • Is SciWorriers the final name?
    • Totally not. This is just something to name the project internally, but it can be changed or just ignore it.
  • Why Cybersecurity is mentioned? isn’t it just part of Technology?
    • Despite Cybersecurity is a tiny tiny topic of Technology, last years has become obvious that most of the population does not follow the most basic rules about data protection and younger people is particularly exposed and easier to teach good practices on how to protect themselves and their data against attacks. Therefore we believe is something would be nice to have.
  • Is there a feminist intention behind this?
    • As promotor, I would like to think that it is actually a feminist project. As far as anyone could concern, it is an inclusive project, making it interesting both for girls and boys. How this exactly will be executed and will affect the content is something that will depend on the collaborators that make the content. The intention is to work with scientists and technologies women, and give them a platform to freely express their opinions and points of view.
  • What’s your interest as company in this?
    • We have the chance to do it, and we think it could be a great thing. That should be enough for starting a project like this. We don’t plan to promote our technology in the videos and we don’t aim to be unique owners of the content, but share it with the collaborators.
  • Who are the collaborators mentioned?
    • People from scientific and technology world committed with the project and its values.