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Say Hi to Live Animation!

We’re glad to introduce our Live Animation tools in MIFA Annecy 2017 in a few days (June, 12th to 17th). Don’t miss this opportunity to watch our real-time animated characters in person. Come visit us in Annecy ANIMATION FROM SPAIN stand, 4.B22.

Due to the amount of public those days, we really encourage you to contact us and schedule a meeting with no compromise, you won’t want to miss it!

About Live Animation

Live Animation is a set of techniques and tools based in Unity framework to animate, render and record animation movies in real time. We mix the best of a real time render engine with carefully designed interfaces to achieve natural looking animations, expressive characters and stunning visual finish.

We’ve done a big effort on hiding all the complexity of Unity interface and all the 3D magic behind a friendly, reliable and easy to use interface, handmade for each project and adapted for each workflow, so you just have to switch it on and start working with your assets.

Live animation will boos your creativity and productivity by allowing you to create from quick prototypes to share with the team, to production-ready videos for online distribution.

Compatible with your existing 2D and 3D assets, Expression Theater Live Animation include all you can imagine and more…

  • Lipsync using microphone, pre-recorded files or keyboard button for post-recording.
  • Audio timeline for face gesture synchronization
  • Full body motion capture with Microsoft Kinect or Head mocap with a simple webcam
  • Gesture recognition through webcam (in development)
  • Advanced animation layering system: combine library based animations with body physics and IK for natural results
  • Characters and scenes Artificial Intelligence
  • iPad/Tablet controller for face expressions catalogue
  • Realtime lighting and render preview
  • Camera rigging using joysticks and gyroscope-based game controllers
  • Advanced post-processing effects: color correction, tone mapping, motion blur, bloom, ambient occlusion, LUT…
  • Realtime VFX

Read more about Live Animation or contact us and schedule a meeting in MIFA from 12th to 16th of June in Annecy (France).