We bring Virtual Reality experiences to the next level. As VR makers, we design experiences focused on brands that want to deliver to their users exciting and new moments never live before.

As experience designers, we really care about users. Despite VR is not a new medium, it’s still easy to find a lack of design and usability in many apps, which often makes VR experiences frustrating or even annoying. And this is because VR is not like anything else you’ve play before.

Here at Imagin&Tonic we design every moment in your VR experience as if it was a trip. And the trip starts even before you wear your VR glasses. We consider every touchpoint between the user and the experience itself, which includes the vr-glasses, user interfaces, hardware controllers (or the lack of them), what user sees and hears but also things like user’s health or the space around her.

A VR experience should serve one purpose (including, of course, get fun) and there’s where our job starts. From children to hardcore gamers, from newbies to techies, all them loves VR experiences and there’s one perfect for everybody.